DIY Emergency Tooth Fairy Pillow


Do It Yourself Emergency Tooth Fairy Pillow….




Ive been scouting for the perfect lost tooth holder because the Tooth Fairy complained that it was to hard to find my sons tooth the last visit!!


And here I am still looking online while yet another tooth is loose..yikes, I’m cutting it really close!  His tooth is hanging by a thread literally but I want to find some kind of tooth holder that he will want to pass on to his kids someday.  

Even if I purchased the kit I have been eyeing online it would take at least half a week to arrive.  

Very cute kit!! See here on


So, today we finished up his homework and started a new study on Informational Text (about TEETH of course!:)).  Then, my son put this project together.  


I couldn’t tell you how I came up with this other than I’ve found many blogs with this tooth pattern only the patterns were for sewing or croucheting…I can’t sew much and don’t know how to crochet.  I decided a paper version would more than work in a pinch.  It turned out to be a great way to work on hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, and articulation for speech.  Besides, he was so proud of his work that he is sleeping with it:)

Tonight I will post the super easy steps to make it.




Step 1…. Draw a pattern of a large tooth to cover a standard size piece of heavy paper or cardstock.

2….  Trace your pattern on another piece of card stock and cut a small square for a tooth pocket.




3….  Let your child decorate or just draw a face on one piece of cardstock and add the tiny tooth pocket to the other piece of cardstock.  We used Elmer’s glue to secure the pocket to the back.  Then use a hole punch around the edges of the patterns.


4….  This is where I surprised him!  I let him use the remainder of our glow in the dark yarn that was made during our SPIDER UNIT to lace the teeth together!! Let your child be creative and make some glow in the dark string too!



He is using his tongue to concentrate here.  Love that!

He was so excited that he tried to goto bed early but disappointed he couldn’t.  He had not taken a bath yet.:)





These are a few Tooth Fairy supplies I’m choosing from……..

Boys Stamped Tooth Fairy Pillow at
My Baby Tooth Book for boys at
Complete kit at

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