Snow Science With REAL Snow


REAL Snow Science Begins Here….


This post was originally wrote 1-26-2016..

I was wondering if this year would be the year for a snow storm and then came news that our area was under an emergency alert for snow.   While others may worry with milk and bread on snow days I’m more concerned about having enough practice work to keep PJ on a schedule similar to that of his school day.  Going back to school from unexpected school closing s are much easier these days but only because I try to keep a school day schedule at home when his school is closed due to bad weather.  For example:


Roll A Sentence – This Reading Mama

8:00-9:00am Book reading and topic discovery 9:00-9:30 Topic related sensory break 10:00- 11:00 Sentence Practice with games to warmup for writing about topic of the day 11:00 Lunch!!! And so forth...
8:00-9:00am Book reading and topic discovery
9:00-9:30 Topic related sensory break
10:00-10:30 Sentence practice with games to warmup for writing   about topic of the day
10:30- 11:00 Writing activity (story map, compare/contrast, fact finding, retell, ect…..Then LUNCH!!




When I need a good incentive for homework or my son needs a sensorial break, I fill in with STEM.  PJ loves science because its hands on, visual, and sensory evoking:). I love it because we can add Language Arts by writing to the mix!

Snow Science With REAL Snow

Our science project with real snow…

We did a similar activity last year but our ingredients were not the right measurements.  The mixture fizzled out the top of the bottle instead of blasting up.  The mistake was a learning experience for us both.  I knew we could make it work if we kept trying!




What you will need:

3 teaspoons baking soda

3 teaspoons dish detergent

blue food coloring

3 small empty bottles

3 cups or more depending on the size of bottle of tomato juice, vinegar, and pickle juice


I wanted this project to have a writing component so we added 2 more variables (pickle juice and tomato juice)….. Having 3 variables allowed PJ to compare 3 different experiment reactions.



He measured out Baking soda, dish soap, and green food coloring.  Then, he added everything but the pickle juice to 1 empty bottle.

image image image

I helped him bury the first bottle in a mound of snow so that only the top of the bottled showed.  — This is what is left of our attempt to make an igloo:)  We made 3 mounds for each test.


Snow Science with Real Snow

I asked him what he thought would happen or to make a prediction.  He said “It will explode up into a rainbow!”

Snow Science with REAL Snow

His first test substance was Pickle juice.  Using pickle juice was his idea!:) Smart cookie!

Test 1

Snow Science With REAL Snow

The pickle juice had less vinegar than pure vinegar but more vinegar than the tomato juice.  We talked about what he observed which was a little green bubbling inside the bottle.  He said “it didn’t work” but enjoyed the bubbles.



 The next day we completed the other 2 tests with the vinegar and tomato juice/ dressing.  The vinegar was pored into the bottle with the blue food coloring in order to see the process better.

Test 2

Snow Science With REAL Snow

Test 3 

Snow Science. with REAL Snow


..saved the best reaction for last

He finished up on day 2 by repeating the written PREDICTION, STEPS TO THE TESTS, and WHAT HAPPENED in our snow experiment.

Is it snowing at your house??  What kind of fantastic exploring will your kids have in the snow?  Comment below.  We’d love to know! 




For more snow themed sensorial activities visit Montessori


 Thank you for reading!!

Crystal 🙂

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