3 Must Try Math Visuals

Easy Math Visuals….


3 math visuals


Today I want to share with you a few basic math helpers that we loved during Kindergarten year!  


What I love most about these visuals are how super easy and inexpensive they are!


The first of these has been around for years but had recently made a BIG come back.  There are many variations of the traced hand used for counting on fingers.  I posted our version below.  






Counting On Fingers

For our version simply trace a hand and cut out several small squares of white card stock. You will need 2 of each number up to 10 for beginners.  Using a crayon print each number then print it again on a separate square in trace it fashion.

You will need:

3 pieces of  plain cardstock


A clothes pin

1 piece of colored cardstock

A crayon 

                                SUPER EASY!!



Here, I was helping my son practice number identification, writing, and matching.

Hand tracing for number ID, tracing, and matching
Hand tracing for number ID, writing practice, and matching.


More Ideas

  • Trace and cut out 2,3,or 4 hands to count past 10!  LAMINATE and use VELCRO DOTS for tons of practice.
  • Draw a TENS FRAME on the top of the paper and have your child use a dot marker to dot the frame with corresponding number of dots.
  • put the number squares in order and ask your child to COUNT FORWARD from a given number sequence
  • Ask your child to draw TALLY MARKS for the corresponding number.  (Only placing 1 number at a time on the hand.)
  • Crayon an ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, and equal sign to add or subtract numbers to 10.  Cut and trace as many hands as needed.







DIY Counting or Number Rods

DIY Counting Rods are wonderful to have on hand!  We started using these before I learned about Montessori Math Methods (I’m still learning) and have been using them ever since!  Counting Rods can be used as soon as your child can count 2 numbers in a row or identify 2 different numbers for sequencing.


There are several ways to make counting rods but the most popular version is shown below.

You will need:

  • wooden craft beads (purchased from Walmart, Micheals, or most any craft store.)

Wooden beads: counting rods


  • pipe cleaners (Ours were 1$ for 20 at a dollar store.)   

Pipe cleaners: counting rods





Fold one pipe cleaner in half

Counting rods: DIY beads and pipe cleaners

Pinch the two ends together and add desired number of beads.  Ten beads will fit with a small to large mix of beads.  The container I purchased at Walmart above has a nice mix of sixes and textures!

DIY counting rod: beads and pipe cleaners

When finished adding beads, make a loop for holding at the top and bend the loose ends inside the last bead.

Counting Rods





More Ideas


Use the rods for simple 1:1 counting, number ID, and simple addition/subtraction..  






You can also form tens rods for skip counting.  

DIY counting rods
Don’t mind that 15 in there. He was probably holding the fives rods:)


If you are like my family and can see using rods for some time to come,  check out these other helpful Montessori Math post:


Learning Montessori Multiplication – Every Star Is Different


DIY Number Rods and Alternatives – Living Montessori Now





Counting and Tracing Numbers with Dot Stickers 

The last super easy visual is just this…

You will need

  • a dry erase marker or some other marker that writes brightly on foam
  • yard sale stickers
  • foam 5 x3 inch squares from the dollar store ( use glitter foam for a softer than sandpaper texture)

Simply draw a diving line with dry erase marker on the foam piece.  Write your number.  Your child can trace the number with their finger on one half and place dot stickers on the other half.  Very easy to make and your kids will love the glitter texture when tracing each number!

3 math visuals


More Ideas

Your child can have fun using a VARIETY of STICKERS, LEGOS, CARS, or balls of PLAYDOUGH to count with. 

Tracing can be equally fun if they like to rainbow write tracing each number again and again with separate colors.  

I hope these visuals and ideas have been helpful to your family!

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Bless you and thanks for reading!

Crystal 🙂


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