Make Your Own Shamrock Bubbles



A St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Play Activity..

Never under estimate the power of a simple bubble activity!  Playing in bubbles was one of those activities I  decided to skip for St. Patricks Day.  Why?  My son loves bubbles but we had already done lots of activities with bubbles in the past.  Most of  them in prek and kindergarten….I thought we had done about all a family could do together with them.  Besides,  it’s more of a wee little kid thing right?? 


Shamrock bubbles for St. Patricks day






Oh, but part of being a grown up is learning to play like a kid.  Getting down on their level.  Where ever that maybe.  Plus, bubbles are a great way to reconnect with your child.  They cause everyone to smile, get moving, and enjoy a sweet time of unplanned togetherness.  


As a mom, it’s relaxing to watch your child explore bubbles falling to the ground, trying to catch a bubble, or discover how to make the biggest bubble.  AND trying to do that again and again and again.





It’s simple to do and make which is pretty important when thinking of an easy Afterschool activity that you will enjoy doing as much as them:). 

Hmmm.  Now were talking.  Super fun.  Everyone (all ages) laugh will laugh.  Simple and Easy to do. Check.  How to add a St. Patrick’s Day kick?


Our Simple Supply list:

  • 4 and a half green pipe cleaners
  • 1 whole cup of Palmolive Dish Detergent (it works better than Dawn) 
  • 1 and 1/2 cup of warm water
  • wide container to hold bubble solution


Pour dish detergent and water in wide container.  Make sure to measure out water and not add from tap.  Your solution will have too many little bubbles.  He did this and discovered the solution didn’t allow him to blow big bubbles.  Good observation!  We made another solution with the above measurements.  Then, he  played in the first batch of solution while I figured out how to make a wand that would withstand lots of dipping.

St.Patricks Day bubbles


Make a Shamrock Bubble Wand!:


Make 3 heart shapes using three green pipe cleaners.



I connected the three hearts by twisting together at their bottoms.  I used the whole pipe cleaner to make a stem and help tie the heart leaves together, too.  He was able to make his own with a little help towards connecting parts.  Every child is different. 

St. Patrick's Day bubble wand


There is a technique in this last part!  I twisted a half of a pipe cleaner around all the leaves and down the stem.  This reinforced the part he held while dipping.

St.Oatricks Day bubble wand


All finished and ready to blow bubbles!

St. Patrick's Day bubble wand


AND what BIG bubbles he made!  I think we were both surprised about the size bubble after bubble was.




We had so much fun doing this simple activity.  Grant it there was a little getting wet but only with soap and water.  


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Thank you for reading!

Crystal 🙂




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