Folkmoot Passports and International Celebration

PART 1: International Festival Day


Folkmoot Passports and Cultural Peace Festival





What is Folkmoot??


This is a 10 day celebration of International and Cultural PEACE.  We are so very lucky to have it in our neck of the woods!!  There is a Folkmoot Center and you can read more about that at

Folkmoot Friendship Center



Folkmoot is celebrated in 7 different counties here in the Western North Carolina Mountains..Appalachain Mountains and Great Smoky Mountain National Park.




This festival features international dance, song, and mountain crafts plus food vendors!  The festival is also valued for educating children about internationl cultures and you can read more on it’s Say Hello campaign here at


Our little family attended 2 day long events but the best event of the festival was the International Festival Day. 













There were over 200 international dancers and performers from all over the world!  They came from China, Finland, Poland, France, Peru, Japan, Romania, the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Mexico/US collaboration, and the Eastern Band of Cheerokee Indians!!

Footage of one of the many performing groups we saw dancing…




Thousands of crafts…

Hand crafted glass air plant homes.  PJ knows the value of  sunlit glass as seen in “Pollyanna”. He mused at them for the longest time.











Beautiful glass bottle bird feeders…










This chair.  We have a Reedwood hanging chair for PJ but I am tempted to replace it.

image image image
image image
























And a ton of family fun traveling to 12 different hosting communities within the Great Smoky Mountains.

  • Franklin, NC
  • Waynesville, NC
  • Asheville, NC
  • Hendersonville, NC
  • Lake Junaluska, NC


The sights of art, sounds of global music, and smells of tasty treats are just the beginning of our exploration this day.  

COMING UP, go around the world as we share crafts PJ did at the festival (and you can do at home!!) using a Passport.


You can also visit Living Montessori Now for more great activities using Little Passports. 


Thank you for reading,image


Crystal 🙂 






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    1. Thanks very much! We enjoyed the opportunity. It’s tons of fun to find more great activities when we link up to our favorite pages! PJ really does the decision making when it comes down to keeping us busy between studies.


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