Hundreds Place Value Pack – Fall Edition

Fall Edition Place Value Pack/ Hundreds Place

At the start of my sons second grade year, he began working on and reviewing place value.  Place value recognition is math that’s used all year long through out grade levels. 

It is for important for children to have a good foundation of place value knowledge from the beginning.  The number values that children work with in all areas (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to name a few) will increase through grades.  Mental math skills will become a necessity in order complete problems with higher number values.  

“Practice makes perfect.” ,which is why I made this Hundreds Place Value Pack. The pack is loaded with ways to build mental math skills for a full week (or longer!) of 3 digit place value practice.   

Of course, if you need to cover the very beginning of place value you’ll want to start with my Ones and Tens Place Value pack coming out soon.  

I’m offering this Fall Hundreds Pack for FREE so you can get an idea of what skills your child will be working on if you decide to purchase my other Place Value Pack’s , Word Problems Pack, or Base Ten printables’ Pack with real pictures.

 Fall Edition Hundreds Place Value Pack includes:

  • 25 pages of practice with 3 digit numbers!
  • 2 independent or multi-player pumpkin GAMES that focus on expanded form , number words, and identifying 3 digit numbers
  • Handwriting page 
  • 5 days of mixed area practice pages with same set of skills for each day
  • Fill in the missing number charts 100 to 1000
  • Base ten block practice
  • Word problems for 3 digit numbers
  • Matching page, skip counting, and MORE!!

Free Fall Edition Hundreds Place Value Pack

I hope this helpful to your family or classroom.

Thank you for reading!

Crystal 🙂

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